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How it works


Even if you’re not ready to compete you can sign up for free and create a profile, once you think you’re ready to compete simply join that month's competition and put your money in the pot.


  • Elite: Top 100 in the most recent Open, within your Region
  • Rx: 101-1000
  • Scaled: 1001+

*You can scale up, but cannot scale down. All winners will be checked to ensure compliance in Division rules. If you did not compete in the Open, it is at Cult’s discretion to bump you up in Division based on your workout performances.

Work out

Competitions will be comprised of three workouts.

The workouts will be released weekly the first, second, and third Monday of the month, you will have 7 full days to submit your scores, and video submission (11:59 P.M. EST Monday following the release of each workout).

  • Video each workout and post it to a shared site like YouTube or Vimeo
  • Submit your score and share the link to your video on your profile page


Competition is complete; all three videos have been submitted, now its time for us to judge the top four videos from each Division. After all three completed workouts are validated the pot will be divided between first, second, third and fourth place.

  • 1st = 30%
  • 2nd = 15%
  • 3rd = 10%
  • 4th = 5%

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